Solution E-Commerce

AnalyticaBI works on the empowerment of ecommerce businesses through the analysis of all the key metrics that any e-stores owner would want to easily monitor. We provide automation to all of your shop’s data. With some few clicks, you get interactive dashboards that make it easy for you to monitor your shop’s performance and decide on how to optimize your operations.

See all of your key metrics: our easy-to-read interactive dashboards lets you see insights keep track of:

Total Sales
Gross sales
Total Revenue
Customer lifetime
Customers by country
Customers by segment

What does AnalyticaBI provide to Ecommerce Brands?

Ecommerce solution is designed to make the running of e-shops easier. It helps you run your stores smoothly and take decisions easily and with confidence. Access powerful KPIs and visualizations instantly with our Ecommerce dashboards. We collect and analyze your shop’s data for you to allow you to see real-time data into your business’s operations in one place at one time.

Empower Your Business

We give 360 analysis to help in business growth