Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Last updated: October 20, 2020

This page is a legal agreement between you and AnalyticaBI.

AnalyticaBI is a Software-as-a-service company that allows its users to monitor live-data through dashboards which allows them to take actionable insights based on the insights that we provide them.

By accepting these terms or using the services we provide you acknowledge and agree to bind with these terms.

  1. Information you provide directly:
    We collect information you provide when you sign up for the website. This information include: username, first name, last name, e-mail address, and encrypted passwords.
    Information we collect through your usage of the website:
    they are pieces of information saved directly on the computer you use.
    Why do we use cookies?
    Cookies allow our website to collect information about:
    browser type, time spent on the website, pages visited, preferred languages, and other web trafficking data.
    Other methods of data collection:
    When giving AnalyticaBI the access to your platforms in order to generate your reports it will automatically collect data from them.
  2. How do we use information?
    • We collect information for a number of reasons:
    • Generate the reports you requested
    • Provide the information you asked for
    • Send you emails about our services
    • Send you emails about our offers
    • Send you emails about updates in the website
    • Establish benchmark which is the use of de-identified data in order to help entities in the same domain to measure performance
    • Acquire feedbacks and use them in enhancing our services
    • Send you notifications about payment methods and plans.
  3. Where is the information stored?
    The information is stored in well-secured Microsoft Azure data centers.
  4. Terms of Termination:
    At any time you can request the complete deletion of your information but we shall not delete the de-identified information that we use in the established benchmarking.
  5. The modification of Privacy and Policy:
    AnalyticaBI reserves the complete right to modify or change the provided Privacy Policy herein, the modification date will be written at the top of the page. We may or may not send our users emails to make them know about the updates. It is advisable that you frequently review this Privacy Policy.
  6. Questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy: If you have any inquires about our Privacy Policy you may contact us through: